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Crook explained that everyone has an electro energy field surrounding them and her “special gift” is her ability to tune into an animals’ energy. She doesn’t speak to them out loud, but rather silently in her mind. In this “sorta conversation with them” she can determine if there is anything the pet needs.

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And, Christopher Steele says, Crook was particularly helpful to their relationship with their 10-year-old rescue dog, Drake. The pair adopted the Great Dane five years ago after it had spent two months homeless, scrounging for food, abandoned by its previous owners.

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"What I try to do is facilitate the commun- ication between the owner and their dog," says Crook, adding she's worked with hundreds of dogs over the past three decades. "Whether you believe in psychic powers or not, it's clear that Crook is perceptive about pups and their owners."

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During the interview, Beverly read Cody to discover why he has such a dislike for the next door neighbors and their dog, barking viciously even when he sees them passing on the other side of the street from the living room window. And, most importantly, she offers some valuable information on how to better deal with the situation.

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Over the course of a 30-minute reading, Lola, this reporter’s five-year-old fur baby, licks her back foot and even grunts a few times as Crook makes observations about the little dog’s likes, dislikes and overall well-being.